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Image Transformation Therapy:  A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Trauma, Anxiety, OCD, & Depression

Image Transformation Therapy (ImTT) is a break-through treatment for trauma, anxiety, OCD, phobias, depression, and relationship issues. In addition, the protocols for processing are also used in the treatment of addiction using the Feeling-State Image Protocol.

     ImTT is a gentle therapy that releases the pain, fear, guilt, shame, of trauma and other experiences without the person needing to intensely experience the feelings.   This is an important advantage over other therapies.  Intensely painful or terrifying experiences can be thoroughly and gently released creating a profound change in the person’s life.  People who have experienced ImTT remark upon how much their lives have changed almost without their noticing it.

     ImTT utilizes a new psychological model called the Survival Model of Psychological Dynamics in combination with breathing and visualization protocols.   The result is that the person is freed from the grip of painful or terrifying  memories.  The long-term result is that new more positive images and behaviors emerge naturally.

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